“The space of your memory, distorted memory of you. I look to you and see all that the eyes of this woman, weaver of neglect and travel merchant, offers me. I want to look you again, look at you knowing you innocent of judgments, look in a present that knowing everything, decides to jump into the void more full of ignoranceLaura Vilar.

Zip talks about the relationship between two sisters. It is a journey that explains how they naked all the memory that have from each other, to get to most essential thing that connects them. The piece is a way to find a unique souvenir, the first and the last, fullest and most simple, the only thing we do not build but we know too well, the deepest and most sincere, which is eternal.

The Impuxibles is the artistic fusion of a pianist and a choreographer: Clara Peya and Ariadne Peya are sisters, creators and performers. Inspiring from different sources (dance, music, theater, performance, etc.) and merging them in their own language. The company was founded in late 2011 as a result of the synergy between different artists and performers who had previously worked together on several projects. This is the opening of the embryo after the first show was “Tin Heart” during the festival of emerging creation in 2011 nunOff (nunArt).

Creators: Laura Vilar, Clara Peya and Ariadna Peya

Performers: Clara Peya and Ariadna Peya

Original music: Clara Peya

Choreography: Laura Vilar and Ariadna Peya

Scenic direction: Laura Vilar

Pics: Amadeo Bergés

Distribution: Gràcia Camps

A production of:  Les Impuxibles




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