From 11th to 24th July. From 10:00h – 15:00h (except 07/24: 20:30h)

Because of Moreno Bernardi’s multifaceted artistic personality and his active and continued interest for the composition and analysis of the formal material as well as the development of interpretative abilities of a theatrical work, his laboratory skills have always been characterized by a free and driven collaboration with those interested in the experience and methodology Moreno. Participants could share time with artists, musicians, writers … that by simply attending the experience quickly turned into another form of intervention, thus opening the door to dialogue between arts, disciplines, interests, and living organically over time and space with a common research, which differs by the specificity of each knowledge with respect to the logic of taking the matter and the perception of what the laboratory permits to discover.

A naturalness that has always being generated in his laboratories. Moreno has developed methodologies and experience in project processes, after years of dedication to teaching, trying to convey techniques, commitment, rigor and aesthetic freedom. Hiroshima proposes the first Moreno Bernardi Atelier taking the theme ‘identity’ as a starting point for the laboratory.

The differences between participants is the first challenge of MB, who will give everyone some indications and a rationale of work depending on every interest and individual discipline, so that all identities take forms expressed in a common scenic geography. The second challenge is the way of the creative process, which will achieve a scenic setting in three weeks: the lab will open its doors on the 24th, to show its results.

After the formation of the working group, Moreno consider an ad hoc methodology, structuring process tools and research material following the profiles of the participants.
After determining the line of work, Hiroshima will inform participants on the lines to be followed to choose the material needed to start the lab.


Workshop fee: 300€.

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