4 hours

The workshop will be a creative space where we will put into dialogue dance and manipulation of objects. The session will include:

  • An individual warm-up or in pairs to awaken the body conscience.
  • Guidelines for individual improvisations, in pairs and in groups where we will investigate different qualities of movement and how to transfer them to the object, and also how the physical properties of an object can inspire our dance.
  • Moments of individual exploration or in small groups for the composition of short scenes.


The topics we will address will be:

  • The musicality of the gesture: speed, tone, suspension, rhythm, dynamics and phrasing.
  • The precision of movement: articulation and clarity.
  • The listening of the other: people and things that surround us.
  • Silence: immobility and stage presence.


We will explore how objects can help us perceive the materiality of the gesture, and how through our movements we can play with the imaginary that an object evokes.

The workshop is aimed at dancers, performers and actors/actresses.

«Between us and the objects exists a relationship of traveling companions. In endowing an object with movement, we create an image where the most important thing is the relationship that we establish from this position of interpreters with the object, at the moment in which we use it. The objects constitute one more element to build a dramaturgy that allows us to go beyond movement and dance
Maria Muñoz


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Fee: 30€