Catalan / Spanish

4 hours

The workshop consists of a series of exercises and practices used during the creation of Estudi 1 that the artist shares with the participants. Starting with a body warming that will be used, in turn, to explore the relationship of movement, breathing and the rhythm and try to find a physical availability. Following with a very specific way of activating the hands and feet and perceiving them as the sensors that are important for connecting our organism with external stimuli.

Aina Alegre develops her artistic work as a choreographer, dancer and actress. After doing a multidisciplinary dance, theater and singing training in Barcelona, ​​he entered the CNDC (National Center for Contemporary Dance of Angers) in 2007 under the direction of Emmanuelle Huynh. Aina Alegre imagines choreographic creation as a ground to reinvent the body, to “fictionalize it.” She is interested in different cultures and bodily practices, understood as constructions, social, historical and anthropological representations, to question them and translate them into a physical experience and give them a choreographic perspective.

In 2009 she premiered the SPEED duo co-choreographies and in 2011, the performance LA MAJA DESNUDA DICE, this proposals leads she to the creation of the piece NO SE TRATA DE UN DESNUDO MITOLÓGICO in 2012. In 2015 she premiered the duo DELICES, in 2017 the piece LE JOUR DE LA BÊTE, and in 2019 LA NUIT, NOS AUTRES. In parallel, she collaborates as a dancer with other choreographers and directors such as: Vincent Thomasset, Gillaume Vincent, Herman Diephuis, Lorenzo di Angelis, Betty Tchomanga, Fabrice Lambert, Enora Rivière, David Wampach, Vincent Macaigne among others.

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Fee: 30€
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Given by: Aina Alegre