Vogue-Chi mixes movement and lifestyle elements of both Voguing* -a variety of dance styles inspired in fashion- and Tai-Chi to create a dynamic, self-affirming, meditative practice.

*Voguing is a historical dance that consolidated in the 80s and is considered part of the immaterial cultural heritage of the LGBTQ (in special the Trans) Afroamerican and Latin American community in the USA. Nowadays is widely practiced across the world specially by the youngest generation. It is by far the most popular dance style actively subverting and making fluid gender, race, sexual orientation and class stereotypes.

Vogue-Chi® was created in Margate for people aged 50+ by artists/dancers Ted Rogers & Carlos (Atabey) Maria Romero and is now OPEN TO ALL. Vogue-Chi facilitates a spectrum of spiritual principles historically developed by LGBTQI+ people to engage positively in life and overcome institutionalized oppression, invisibilization and abuse.

Vogue-Chi is queer movement therapy that uses catwalking, voguing vocabulary, learning how to use energy via word reclamation, bending of social performativities, among other tools. Vogue-Chi encourages its participants to fully find new versions of themselves whilst exploring unconventional beauty and shameless self indulgence in a loving and safe environment. It offers a gentle work out for the soul and a good ol’ stretch for the mind. With initial support by Ageless Thanet and Turner Contemporary Vogue-Chi sessions ran weekly from February to June. Further support of the gallery and Margate Pride have supported the sessions to continue with less periodicity in Margate. The sessions are now offered and reached since people all ages and backgrounds, school teachers and school staff, young LGBTQ+ persons and carers in Thanet, Kent and London, during festivals, therapeutic frames, skills building workshop or as distressing activity.

“I feel very fortunate to have taken part in the Vogue Chi, led by Ted and Carlos. It was about so much more than the dancing/ teaching skills, which they both have, in abundance. What has really worked for us all is that rare thing of creating a safe environment. Essential for the group, and I hope the others don’t mind me saying this but we were all to some degree emotionally vulnerable. Carlos and Ted are so in touch with that, both of them. Kind, sensitive and caring, funny and fabulous, they also challenged us both physically and spiritually. In the final session we were each presented with a certificate and some amazing ‘promise to myself’ power statements, which we had all contributed to and shared in a previous session. We had so much fun, and have come away with much, much more than ‘learning how to vogue chi’—this is what Ageless Thanet should be about and I hope, if it’s at all possible, that Ted & Carlos will be given another opportunity to work their magic.”

Atabey (Carlos Maria Romero) is a Margate-based performing artist , pedagogue and curator. Recently associated with ‘On Margate Sands’ –an Archives and Access programme by Tate and Turner Contemporary–, and a member of Vividero Colectivo , a Colombian group of multidisciplinary artists and architects revealing narratives in which historically marginalized bodies, social practices and architectural goods can be (re-)claimed as valuable cultural heritage. In 2015 in collaboration with Studio Sam Causer they researched the evolving role of the seaside landscape and architecture in the expression and repression of sexuality, culminating in an intervention and exhibition at a seaside shelter in Margate. The project was featured and presented at the launch of the book New Architects 3 during the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016, and at Without Borders the LGBTQ+ Archive, Libraries, Museums & Special Collections Conference in London. With Kent University, Arts Council, Arts Council England & Kent County Council supports Sam Causer and Carlos Maria Romero have more recently developed research and associated strategies to promote Margate’s clifftop, shelters and seafront as part of a long stretch of public space that they call Margate Coastal Park .

Choreographer: Carlos (Atabey) María Romero


Note:  this is an experience that can be shared with your dad, grandpa, son, grandchild, or any other relative  or friend that belongs to a different generation.

*Voguechi will be in Spanish.

Workshop Days & times: Friday, March 17th from 6PM to 8PM & Saturday, March 18th from 11AM to 1PM

Enrolment: 50 years or less — 60€. 50 years and on — free (Space is limited to 30 participants so reserve your place now by sending an email to hola@hiroshima.cat)


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