Hybrid scene


Catalan & Spanish

60 min.

In collaboration with Festival Grec

A theatrical journey into the abyss of the loss of identity, the loss of reason and the loss of morale. An inescapable path that winds through the shadow lands, and sacrifice as the epitome of an artistic act. Along the way: new musical registers are explored, texts spewed out, there is catharsis, there are epiphanies, dances, and small gestures born of the subtle fight to the death between meaning – necessary yet deceptive – and nothingness. In times of profound personal and social change… What is that is left when there is nothing left?

A new approach to the distinctive vision – at the same time intimate and socially committed – of Enric Montefusco. The man who was lead singer of the band Standstill for twenty years was introduced to the theatre by stage designer Rodrigo García in 2001. With an open, restless vision, he has done everything from making records and putting on multidisciplinary performances, to producing audiovisual clips and writing a book. As a solo artist, he has explored the potential of popular culture, released albums such as Meridiana and Diagonal, and directed the show Tata Mala, on which he collaborated with the Loscorderos Collective and choreographer and performer Sonia Gómez (Griego 2016), among others. He came back to the festival in 2018 surrounded by friends (Albert Pla, María Arnal, Nacho Vegas, el Niño de Elche and Hermanos Cubero) to present the EP and show Los Coros de Medianoche.

Xavi Bobés is the creator of the Playground company, which has produced shows ranging from El cap als núvols to the award-winning Cosas que se olvidan fácilmente, including Corpus, a dialogue between body and object performed at the Grec in 2020. At the same time, with Jomi Oligor and Shaday Larios, he founded El Solar – Detective Agency of Objects creating the show Cuaderno de campo [Field notebook] (Grec 2018).

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Festival GREC

A musician who has surrounded himself with the most innovative artists, once again crosses that line that separates music and the performing arts, starring in a performance that’s both poetic and intimate, in the company of an expert in the symbolic meanings that objects may have.

Ficha artística

Stage direction and musical composition: Enric Montefusco
Direction advice: Xavi Bobés
Performed by: Enric Montefusco, Xavi Bobés
Dramaturgy: Enric Montefusco, Diana Bandini
Musical arrangements: Nico Roig, Quartet Brossa
Scenography and lighting: CUBE.bz
Video filming: Alejo Levi
Costumes: César Vijanera
Image design: Rafa Castañer
Photography: David Ruano
Executive producer: Imma Bobé
Distribution: Fina Estampa
Acknowledgements: Carlos Ximenez, Mario López
Photography: David Ruano / Rafa Castañer
A production by: Grec 2021 Festival de Barcelona, Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Conde Duque & Temporada Alta
With the collaboration of: Ayuntamiento de Salt, L’Animal a l’Esquena & Mutte Cultural de Pontós

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