Performance and objects


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60 min.

This lucid artist, who shares his surname with the 17th century great rationalist philosopher, offers us in Una historia universal his own critical interpretation of history in a performance context. The script feeds off the experiment of using objects as a narrative element; Espinosa generates a visual journey through the main events of Human History. During this journey, kitsch (always present in his work thanks to those objects), highlights the grotesque aspects of these historic events. His works are always conceived to connect with all audiences, avoiding artistic elitism and underlining the playful aspect of theatrical experience. With his signature spark of humour, all his pieces always start with a megalomaniacal and grandiloquent project that is finally represented in an artisan and low-tech way using miniatures and marvellous market treasures: Mi gran obra, El Quijote’s tryptic, Much Ado About Nothing, have internationally toured and appeared on leading cultural platforms such as the Tate Modern or the Biennale de Venezia. A clear reference of the contemporary scene in our country, Hiroshima will finally host him for two consecutive seasons.

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A clear reference of the contemporary scene in our country.

Artistic card

Idea and direction: David Espinosa
Collaboration: Jordi Casanovas, Africa Navarro
Performer: Jordi Casanovas / David Espinosa
Production: El Local Espacio de Creación / Festival TNT


Una historia universal