Daniel is a sex worker. With Traumboy performance, he shares his experiences of a men who prostitutes himself, shameless, honestly and in an interactive way. The audience joins to a men who has decided to prostitute freely. He talks about this clients, his wishes and the reasons why he chose this profesión. The only problem: stigmatization. Because having remunerated sex with strangers, in our society, is considered as a taboo.

Traumboy questions the hypocrisy of the rules of our capitalist and hipersexualized society. The artist’s boy becames in a projection surface for the fears, the fantasies and the contradictions. It slips between the differents roles who plays for his costumers – or the public? Due to the creation of ambigous scene, the audience is asked to question their sexual ideas and the concept they have of sexuality. Are your spirit limits where you though they are?

Daniel Hellman has constructed a name in the course of the last years in the swiss cultural scene as a multifaceted artist. Specially through concerts with exceptional formats like Home Opera, music theater piece Nach Lampedusa – Wandererfantasien, but also thanks to his two successful productions with contemporary dance, music and theater K. (Cultural Prix of the city of Zurich 2013) and Untold a 3art3 company creation, with choreographer Quan Bui Ngoc as a codirector.

With Traumboy, Daniel Hellmann has created a performance solo where he is the performer. He takes the artistic responsability of the concept, the text and the direction and was councelled by dramaturg Wilma Renfordt. As in K. and Untold, Therers Indermaur was the director of costume and decoration.

In the research process for creating Traumboy – but also as an independent project – Daniel Hellmann has conceibed the interactive performance Full Service, playing with the public space where the takes the “art spaces”. Daniel Hellmann offeres himself to give all the services that walking people or the audience may have – at the time that the performer and the audience reach an agreement about the price. First representations where in 2014 october in “Performa Festival” in Tessin, after that in theather and festivals in New York, Zurich, Geneve, Berlin and others.

Concept/Performance: Daniel Hellmann
Dramaturgy: Wilma Renfordt
External regard: Ivan Blagajcevic
Scenography/Costumes: Theres Indermaur
Sound/Music: Leo Hofmann
Luces: Gioia Scanzi
Production: Daniela Lehmann

Produced by 3art3 in co-productoin with Gessnerallee Zürich & Festspiele Zürich
Supported by Stadt Zürich Kultur, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Pro Helvetia Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Migros Kulturprozent, Nestlé Fondation pour l’Art, Schweizer Tanzarchiv – Preis für Videodokumentation, wpZimmer Antwerpen.






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