TRANSONIC – 30′ + 30′ + 30′  CAT / TAIWAN

Taking advantage of the electronic mood that is breathed in Barcelona during these dates, Fly Global (Taiwan) and Sang Records (Catalunya) present Transonic. An inter-cultural event and showcase with 3 proposals of a great degree of experimentation in the audiovisual field. It’s going to be a night with a Taiwanese kind of atmosphere. There are going to be video screenigns and Taiwanese liquors to make a toast with you.

Ping Sheng WU

Ping Sheng WU is an artist live and base in Taipei. He works on a variety of forms of art practices which is related to sound; sound installation, film music composing, and experimental sound and electroacoustic live performance. He keeps focused on the sound that exists in daily life for ideas of composing music, exploring the development of sound from these experiences. By observing the physical sounds in the environment and analyzing the sound by digital processes, he has continued to broaden the “vision” of sound which is translated or replace between natural and artificial by new media.


Hypnagogia is the project developed by Carles López and Carolina Cabrerizo, who start from the premise of “hypnagogic experience” (that moment of transit between wakefulness and sleep in which there are auditory, visual and tactile hallucinations) to generate a live sonorous and visual drift full of atmospheres and suggestive landscapes, broken sounds and hypnotic images that carry us to an extrasensory statel.

Carles López a musician, producer and DJ from Barcelona. He has developed his work in more than 40 countries and major festivals such as SONAR (NY), Sziget Festival (Budapest), Electronic Arts (Linz), Red Bull Academy (Oporto), MTV Awards ( Belfast)…

Carolina Cabrerizo is a multidisciplinary artist, video creator and Bachelor of Philosophy. Her work is characterized by a high degree of sensitivity and her peculiar aesthetic sense in which the dreamlike and beautiful, but also the monstrous, the harrowing and the ugly prevail.



LAI Tsung – Yun

LAI Tsung-Yun a young artist with industrial design background, is a grad student in Department of New Media Art,Taipei National University of the Arts. Currently, he is one of the curators of Lacking Sound Festival, Taipei. The artist began with audiovisual works that examine the meaning of life. His recent works center around production and consumption in a capitalist society, and hopes to create a new mode of reproduction through reversing the relationship between producers and consumers.



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