You have just entered in the Hiroshima Club area.
Yes, we know it, the name is not very original. But for sure, what we will propose you, you will love it.


– 25% of discount in all the shows (in online purchases)
– 25% of discount in all the workshops (in online purchases)
– Contests and exclusive promotions
– Discounts in establishments/entities contributors (25% in Zumzeig cinemas)
– You only will have to download your receipt that you will receive for mail in your mobile phone.
– Among other things, you will have a drink for each show, a beer, a cup of wine or even coffee – if you are tired and there is risk of sleepiness during the past!

And you will serve yourself your cup of cofee. You will find a space reserved for you, how in the clubs of all the life, but with our style, for sure.


– Pay an annual fee of €25 (12 natural months)

If you want more information do not doubt to contact with us:

Season Tickets / Bystanders

We have designed a program that allows you to discover their proposals based on tours we suggest you. These routes grouped along our complete season the works of our different artists. These groups arise from the coincidences of the different works in terms of aesthetic discourse, origin of the artist or thematic content.

We would like to share with you this second season programation season of Hiroshima as usual. So we offer a ticket that can be used freely or program along the lines we suggest you below.

When buying a season ticket you are not only saving money, but you’re supporting this project actively, revaluing an independent cultural offer by advance ticket purchase. It represents a bet and of course an act of trust and support.

So, for us, if you buy a season ticket you are a bystander. Thanks for joining us. See you in Hiroshima.

Note: These season tickets do not include entrance to the following shows: Fest, P-Project, Bailarina and Twenty looks at the Judson Church.

Bystander 5



Bystander 10




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