This place… brings together three choreographies for two performers. The research focuses on the interstices that are generated between the expectation of a narrative and the attempt to flee to the creation of meaning. A rigorous work, decanted and precise that immediately becomes a reference. Bea Fernández, cofounder of Las Santas and co-director of La Poderosa, is one of the key figures on the local contemporary scene.

Creation and direction: Bea Fernández
Artistic assistance and music: Carmelo Salazar
Creation and performance: Ohiana Altube (solo B & C) & Clara Tena (solo A & C)
Light designer: Cube
Costume: Jorge Dutor
Production: Bea Fernández, with the support of La Poderosa
Coproduction: El Graner & L’Antic Teatre
With the support of: La Poderosa, L’Animal a l’esquena, Azala, Teatro Leal-Lav & Teatro Pradillo.
Thanks to: Javier Vaquero, Oihana Altube, Clara Tena, Carmelo Salazar; a los ARTAS, Mónica Perez, Jorge Dutor, Las Fernández and those who have help Bea Fernández in this process