Jorge is always focused on connecting with his listeners and after the initial surprise of discovering what’s possible when combining double bass and voice in this magical way, his audience can’t help but surrender to what is a unique and moving experience.

The show includes a rich mixture of his own compositions and some crowd favorites from Bjork and Radiohead to Massive Attack and the White Stripes, each interpreted in his own special way.

Jorge presents his first solo album: “These are a few of my favorite songs”, an impressive work of art in which all of the sounds come from just two instruments: the voice and the double bass which, in a constant process of discovery, give each song its own unique character and style, highlighting the musician’s own originality. Versatile and diverse in style, rhythmic resources, soundscapes and sound effects, this album captures the listener’s attention from the very first moment.

Jorge is now working on his second album which he will record at the end of this year. The concept is the same as his debut but this time the songs are his own: the fruits of his investigation into these two instruments (voice and double bass) inspired by some of his own personal experiences. In this show Jorge will present some of these original songs for the first time.

Live Music: Jorge da Rocha
Pics: Simone Branchine, Carlos Barros and Chloe Billebault



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