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60 min.

A production by Festival Grec & Sala Hiroshima

The bigger the myth, the smaller the man.” Thus we could synthesise the starting point of The National Body, the new project of this very interesting Catalan playwright that in 2017, as part of the GREC Festival of Barcelona, presented in Hiroshima, Utopia, winner of the Adrià Gual Award. Through the scenic interaction between a gymnast, a trainer and a voice-over, the artist will propose a reflection on the instrumentalisation of the body by the State; a poetic-scene duel between individual morality and national ethics, between Caspar Hauser and Feuerbach. Masaló has been part of different productions such as Flamingos by Albert Quesada or Coda by Atresbandes and Quartet Brossa. In all of his previous works he has demonstrated a truly profound analysis of the material he has dealt with, which he then brings to the stage with special designs of great beauty, and a selection of texts and aesthetic references that help him to project an image of contemporary Europe. One to watch out for in the Hiroshima season.

The National Body is part of the program De Grec a Grec

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A reflection on the instrumentalisation of the body by the State.

Artistic card

Original idea and direction: Pau Masaló
Dramaturgy: Pau Masaló & Irena Visa
Performers: Quique Navarro & Melcior Casals
Artistic adviser: Albert Pérez Hidalgo
A production by: Festival Grec & Sala Hiroshima
Rest of the team to be defined

The National Body