Improvisation happening or controlled chaos around music and movement arts – 50′ CAT

The Exploding Plastic Fest, which is the 3rd edition of our happening of improvisation between musicians and movement arts – performance will be the definite. We are going to concentrate the maximum energy and electromagnetic radiation possible through the revolution of our bodies and very high voltage waves. We want that musicians, performers, dancers, choreographers and the restless public that will watch our experiment generate an explosion of such magnitude that its impact reaches Tokyo, New York, Istanbul or Kuala Lumpur, or if not, at least, that all those who experience it get such an impact that they won’t be able to forget.
During the festival, EMPIRIC proposes PROTOCOLO#5 as a program presentation of the third edition of the Exploding Plastic Fest, which will take place in July at Hangar. This PROTOCOLO# is conceived as an open space for creation, discussion and interdisciplinary experimentation between artists of the movement and musicians. Through an intensive one-day-long composition session, 6 artists will put together their knowledge and their practical experience to generate what will be exhibited to the public at the end of the day. The process won’t be directed, but the group will work under some rules provided by EMPIRIC. PROTOCOLO# is a freedom meeting point to establish new communication bridges for creation.

This experimentation laboratory is commited by a colletive of improvisation artists willing to experience strong emotions and with the aim of generating a stable platform to perform this kind of actions and scenic research.
Since there isn’t anything alike in the whole State we have decided to start it ourselves…

The Good Good is a recently created entity for cultural production, programmation and promotion in music and other artistic disciplines (visual arts, arts of the movement, performance), specialised in emerging art, from its creation to its projection. Our artistic route substantiates in the exploration and exhibition of projects that use improvisation as a creative path.

EMPIRIC is a platform for scenic experimentation created by Sonia Fernández Lage and Anna Romaní, and interested in promotion and creation, research, reflection invigoration around new procedures and synergies among artists. EMPIRIC Generates new junction spaces to work and thought, prioritising the freedom in the scene.

Music: Adriano Galante (Seward), Giuliano Gius (Chupaconcha, Maïa Vidal), Pau Rodríguez (Za!)
Movement-performance: David Climent (Los Corderos), Cecilia Colacrai (Big Bouncers), Laila Tafur

The Good Good, Niu: Espai Artístic Contemporáni, EMPIRIC, Hangar, SAE Institute Barcelona, ​​Hiroshima, Casal de Joves del Poblenou Moritz, The Company Escola de Dansa, La Blanca, Fabra i Coats, Poblenou Crea!  



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