DANCE / PERFORMANCE / THEATRE – ESP – 90’ aprox. – text

¿What can we do in order to not ruin infancy with all our language? That is how we face the second part of our trilogy on the son, Ta gueule. We bump into a group of children on stage; they with an invitation to have a voice, to show us how they manage to make sense in the world, how they construct their bodies, how they write and how they create. In front of the fascination for the doings of children and their playing, Ta gueule answers skeptically. We recognise nostalgically that which we think as lost, and we ask ourselves what can we do to not legate our nostalgia, to not burden children weigh our children with the burden of their own image. Before our incredulous and defantasied the potent world of children, forever unfinished, forever-to-be-written.

Ça marche is a Barcelona/Brussels-based collective founded in 2015. Its objective is to develop signature scenic pieces that take up from the necessary dialogue between theatre, performance art and dance. It aims towards finding a distinctive form capable of talking about our contemporaneity: dealing with its irreconciliable contradictions and derives. In their pieces they try to revise the relationship between craftmanship, technique, ready-mades and common references. They think that only by recognising the current writing of bodies, gestures and discourses, by referring them as live documents, they will be able to stylize and frame them. Ça marche was founded by director Nico Jongen and dramaturg Oriol López. They collaborate frequently with choreographer and dancer Joaquín Collado, Albert Ventura, scenographer, and various plastic artists and musicians.

Direction and authorship: Nico Jongen
Dramaturgy and text: Oriol López
Scenography: Albert Ventura
Set construction: Oriol Corral, Albert Ventura
Performers: Catalina Puig, Marina Herreros, Sofía Szpunberg, Vera Cabrera, Ramir Bullich i Oriol López
Choreography: Joaquín Collado
Costume Design: Ça marche
Héctor Bahillo
Photograhy & video:
Gerard Lázaro, Álex Nadal
Production: Mercedes Diz
Thanks to: Gabriela Brncic, Víctor Molina, Amanda Rubio, Stefan Subias, Gal·la Sabaté, Casal Font d’en Fargas

BECA Inuit Residency & collaboration with La Blanca (Barcelona)
Support from La Inútil (Barcelona).  


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