Hiroshima renews its commitment to Catalan choreographer Núria Guiu as an associated artist since 2015. This season Hiroshima produces her new piece, Spiritual Boyfriends.

Spiritual Boyfriends follows the aesthetic research initiated with Likes, also created and premiered in the theatre in 2017/18. In this new piece the choreographer proposes an anthropological approach to yoga as a physical practice; autobiographical materials and insights about the spiritual research of the Occident people and its contemporary condition are the core of this performance; unlike Likes, Spiritual Boyfriends questions the new spirituality that result from the selective appropriation of different philosophies and cults. These hybrids constitute a new search of the transcendent for the contemporary society that comes to replace traditional religions.

Spiritual Boyfriends is also an iconographic research of the physical practices that shaped modern postural yoga since its origins until today. Under what forms, codes and symbols is spirituality embodied nowadays? The documentary history and the autobiography are intertwined in a dramaturgy presented by Guiu, to compose a choreographic device that interpellates us. Spiritual Boyfriends aims to question the possible relation between image, body, power, desire, spirituality, and digitalization. 

Choreography and performer: Núria Guiu
Artistic Assistance: Esther Freixa, Sónia Gómez
Scenario Design: Lola Belles
Foto and video: Alice Brazzit
Light Design: Joana Serra
Sound Assistance: Telemanrec
Manager: Fani Benages
Residencies in: Sala Hiroshima (Barcelona), La Caldera (Barcelona), Cra’p (Mollet del Vallès)
Collaboration: Alicia Kopf, Claudia Mirambell
Co-production: Sala Hiroshima


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