Hiroshima will host the course “Soundtracks composition: trends and new ways of working”, which will be led by Jesus Diaz of Making Music in Silence. LST offers a journey through 4 workshops (3 hours each), month by month, to develop the process of creating soundtracks highlighting the importance of applying innovation at every stage of the process, connecting with artistic creativity the strategy, and working from the creation of a musical concept to use the necessary channels to be released. For a composer with professional aspirations to live music is the end, but the way to achieve this is the real goal. Today it is essential that in this way think as a creative 360.

Before the start of this workshop has been scheduled an open house on January 19 at 18:30 until 20: 00H in Hiroshima. Under the title: “The new generation of enterprising musicians” and with the participation of Carlos Javier – Creative Director of Contrapunto Barcelona, ​​Ana Mastrolitto – Director and founder of LiveSound Tracks, Jesus Diaz – Making Music In Silence. In this open house and presentation of the methods and creative strategies for entrepreneurs composers know where promote the value itself will be presented as creative is key. What is my value proposition? What makes me unique? How do I to know? Ways to and positioned in the audiovisual industry. Useful strategies.


Each of the 4 workshops of 3h making up the program will be developed by  Jesus Diaz, 1 hour lecture, examples and interviews with the topics to advance the process of creating a soundtrack. In addition 1 hour where he will practice selection and some scenes worked by students and where new scenes to work and submit to the next workshop will be chosen will be discussed. To end with one hour of talks with guest speakers.

Workshop #1 February 16, 17: 00h – 20: 00h Musical Psychology and concept creation.

• Connect with the script and the director.

• Find references, ideas, first tests.

• Ask a soundtrack from the beginning: overall concept.

• Presentation of the film material that students can choose to create a soundtrack.

Workshop #2 March 15, 17: 00h – 20: 00h The importance of composition and creative connection with sound design and final mix

• The importance of sound in a movie.

• Work creative music – sound.

• Final Mix

• Talk with guests: Fabiola Ordoyo – sound designer and Marc Orts – Mixer cinema

Workshop #3 April 19, 17: 00h – 20: 00h Recording and post-production arrangements

• Arrangements and editing.

• Recording and preparing stems.

• Final production and 5.1 mix.

• Talk with guests: Marc Blanes – Sound Producer- and Roman Gottwald – arranger, orchestrator and musical director and Sandra Tapia – Arcadia Motion Pictures Studio producer

Workshop #4 May 17, 17: 00h – 20: 00h. Procurement, and distribution rights

• Negotiation of your equity value, reading contracts

• The importance of recording the work

• Rights and entities that manage them

• Free licenses, creative commons, other ways to manage your rights

• Practice where some scenes are selected and worked by the previous workshop students will be discussed.


Price: Complete registration 4 workshops 254€. Registration before january, 25th: 199€

Discount prices: SAE Students and old-students, Plataformas/C students and old-students:  4 workshops 160€

Payment: www.plataformac.com

More info: info@livesoundtracks.net, LST

Certify: LiveSoundTracks, Make Music in Silence, Plataforma/C, Trànsit Projects and Hiroshima.