“Somewhat paler” (Work in progress) is a project that explores pity as an affect that can be address through live bodily action. Departing from Jung’s idea of archetype, the creation process has resulted into a series of dramatic figures that approach freely different aspects of what is usually called “sadness”. Taking romantic 19th C. ballet as a challenging reference, theatre is used in this work as a machine, as a display that produces live appearances of those phenomena that use to remain concealed under the surface of daily life. Stage action will propose a kind of trip through which a series of archetypes related to sorrow will display their powers and figures.

Bárbara Sánchez, choreographer and performer. She studied drama, classic dance and contemporary dance in Sevilla, expanding her training in many european cities(London, Paris, Toulouse…) with choreographers such as Phillipe Gaulier, Enrique Pardo, Germana Civera, Julyen Hamillton, María Muñoz, Jordi Cortés, Ivo Dimchev…She has worked in London and the Caribbean as a striptease dancer and as a contemporary dancer with andalusian companies such as Manuela Nogales, El Velador or La Cuadra de Sevilla, having the opportunity to go on tour around the world, performing in many theatres throughout the years. In 2003 she began her solo career as choreographer. She had created and perform three solos: “A la vuelta de la esquina” (“Around the corner”), “El jardín de atrás” (“The backyard”) and “Plutón no es un planeta” (“Pluto is not a planet”). “Ahuyéntanos este furor [en solitaria]”. Together with Roberto Martínez, “Mejor no saber su nombre” (“Better not to know its name”) and “Gala Fantoche”. In 2012 She collaborated with the visual artist and performer Abraham Hurtado in the project “Ignition”. In 2013 She directed the piece “Satisfaction whim,” produced by the International Dance Festival Italica for its inauguration. In 2011 she directed the laboratory-performance “Ahuyéntanos este furor”,(“Chase the frenzy away from us”). In 2014 collaborates with Sofia Asencio/Tomás Aragay(Sociedat Doctor Alonso company) on the project “El desenterrador”(“The undergraverdigger”).

At the moment she is creating the new solo dance “Somewhat paler”.

Choreography & performance: Bárbara Sánchez

“Dramaturgista”:  Jaime Conde-Salazar

Soundscape: Susana Hernández

Lights Design: Benito Jiménez

Duration: 50 min

Support of: Azala Espacio de Creación, Centro de las Artes de Sevilla, La Casa de las Artes, Leal-Lav, CICUS



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