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Seward is a band of loud action, free music, and performance in constant movement. Uncut Magazine says that Seward touch “avant-folk fuel anarchy”, Kristian Davis-Downs confesses that he “had not seen anything that impressive in his 15 years as an operation manager at the head of Beggars Group [XL-Matador-4AD-Rough Trade]”. Mondosonoro describes them directly as “brilliant, effervescent, the most powerful and crazy, unclassifiable and contagious, magic, unique, charming… the audience would always want more from them”. Rockdelux reviews their last disc as “an exciting, emotional and spiritual trip around traditional music”

Popular percussions and experimental drums, a banjo with distortion and effects, a voice with many personalities, electric guitars, manipulated extracts of speeches, conversations and movies, sonorous gadgetry, field recordings, a double bass and, sometimes, even a free winds section… In seven years, Seward  has confirmed its only stamp and its always changeable dynamics by editing four discs from its particular collection HOME, signing with Foehn Records in Spain and with Naim Records in Europe and playing in very different stages, like Paradiso Amsterdam, La Pedrera, Kunst Hamburg, Palau de la Música, Auditori, Matadero; and also in festivals like Vive Latino in Mexico, Pohoda in Slovakia, The Great Escape in the UK, Sziget in Hungary or Cruilla, BAM or PS in Spain

“There is life in Seward’s music, a humanity that most bands find near-impossible to weave into their music” 

Joe Sparrow, A New Band A Day

«A friend, who is a psychologist, says that musicians only play because of their ego, but I do play for other people», says Gallant. «Music is a common good: it works to generate a moment for thinking, to know yourself, to grow up, to learn… It is a very slow path that music industry has accelerated so much that it became depersonalized. That’s why it is necessary to get back to the idea of more than a century ago, when the musician was just another persona». Seward’s music is born from a constant musical discussion, due to the fact that its members met in improvisation sessions in Jamboree. But it’s much more worthy to investigate the creative intentions of the members that the ingredients that form it.

Nando Cruz en El Periódico

Voice, banjo & guitar: Adriano Galante
Drums, synth & percussion: Juan R. Berbín
Electric guitar & sonorous gadgeting: Pablo Schvzarman


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