When you work as violinist you need to have in mind Itzhak Perlman’s words: “Something that you learn slowly, is slowly forgotten”. Maybe that’s why Sara Fontán has waited to act alone until now, after 25 years of living with the violin and exploring its possibilities in all kinds of styles and formats, from classical music to experimental rock and electronic music. It may seem a paradox, but Fontan ensures that she improvises because improvisation forces her to be concrete. Her violin, amplified, and looped with dozens of effects, has the talent to thrill through abstraction, without thematic or stylistic references, giving the audience the freedom to live the experience in a unique and personal way.

After learning all at the hands of the Cuban violinist Armando Toledo and at the Birmingham Conservatoire (prize for best academic record), Sara Fontan has taken a path of personal learning in a field far away from classical music. She has participated in different projects as Arbol or Manos de Topo and is currently co-founder of the video dance project PIÑA with Clara Tena; she also is part of the group Big OK (with Paul Fuster and Edi Pou), and she enjoys teaching at the Escola Municipal de Música del Prat and is a key element of the improvisation collective Caballo Ganador.

Violin: Sara Fontán



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