If we don’t connect with the remains of what we once were, we will no longer be able to expect anything. But what happens when memory no longer feeds, but saddens? Sapucay is the brave shout of three surviving sisters in a rural atmosphere. A picture that melts, in a surrealistic way, the American musical and the realistic drama. Full of contrasts, ranging from microexpressions to very intense and physical performances, the piece creates something close to an aboriginal Dallas on the banks of the Paraná river.

Founded in 2002. It is currently directed by its founder Melina Pereyra, together with Juan Pablo Miranda and Neus Suñé. Their performances incorporate movement, images and text to create a contemporary and crafted language of the stage that focuses on the body of expression of the actor as the principal fictional scene.

Idea and direction: Juan Pablo Miranda
Assistant director:
Melina Pereyra, Neus Suñé
Neus Suñé
Created and performed:
Constanza Aguirre, Maria Garcia Vera, Melina Pereyra
Set and costume design:
Adrià Pinar Marco, Victor Peralta, Mireia Cardús
Lighting Design:
Adrià Pinar Marco, Victor Peralta, Mireia Cardús
Bruno Zaffora (Waking Films)
Irina Bravo
Duration: 55 minutes

Language: Spanish with english subtitles.

A Coproduction of:  Chroma Teatre, Institut del Teatre, Festival Grec 2015, Fira Tàrrega 2015, Temporada Alta 2015



The online ticketing closes one hour before the performance starts.

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