Two performances by day, at 20.30 h and 22 h .

Re-Mou-Te is a project promoted by the Dance Professionals Association of Catalonia (APDC? and the SGAE Foundation to bring artists of different generations of dance and choreographic highlight the legacy of Catalonia. The project’s main objective is to transfer knowledge between artists of different ages with different points of view, which jointly review choreographic pieces have been created to reach the creation and presentation of new work either deconstruction, a continuation of the original work, etc., with total freedom for creators / as they are, both of styles and formatting (performance, video, workshop, presentation, exhibition, installation, etc.).

The artists, chosen through public announcement are:

CALL ME JERO – Laura Alcalá Freudenthal, from Suite d’Estiu by Àngels Margarit/Cia. Mudances. Thursday 14th & friday 15th , 20.30 h.

Call me Jero it’s a review of Suite d’Estiu a piece of Angels Margarit. Check dance, elements, motion, artist, composition, the artist, the creator, context and out-context … It is a journey through a universe in which everyone plays and lives, that breaks down, share , exposed and exposed.

Idea and direction: Laura Alcalà Freudenthal

Creation: Laura Alcalà, Joana Serra, Miquel Fiol

Scenography: Marta Sancho

Music: Javier Vilarrubias

DESHIELO DE LAS MASAS – Lautaro Reyes (Camaralucida), from Ottepel by Cia. Danat Dansa. Thursday 14th, 22h

There is a prominent positivism when it comes to social issues, a transverse line pushing welfare with inhuman consistency. All massive call is immediate victim of this plywood excitement, a splash of colors, music and sweat. Sweat. All such event promises to gush until the last centiliter beer has been drunk. It would be naive to think that the cycle just fun self. Dehydrate you physically and mentally, there will be nothing that mitigates the burst of energy that unfold …

Direction and dramaturgy: Lautaro Reyes

Choreografhy: Camaralucida

Performers: Xavier Auquer, Alba Barral, Javier G. Arozena, Andrea Vallescar

Lights and scenography: Horne Horneman

Sound: Alejandro Sáez

Music: Gustav Mahler, Frederic Chopin, Trent Reznor

SENTIM SENTITS – Pol Jiménez, from Glimpse by Cia. Gelabert-Azzopardi. Friday 15th, 22h

“I have worked my inspiration from the five senses, being near and common to all, they can show my perspective of dance.
With influences touch the body? How it helps us in sight? And the taste? The smell reminds us of the past? Hearing is critical to dance ?. These are questions that arose during the process of creation, and that helped me to create movement and awareness. “

The audience will also be a participant directly, one of the spectators, through a form, decide the order of appearance of different sense. From currently receive technical information, and through guidelines, musician and dancer started the show.

Creation: Re-interpretation of a part of  “Glimpse” a performance by Cesc Gelabert

Choreography: Pol Jiménez

Music: Dani Tejedor

Video: Charles Atlas

Lights: Albert Pérez

Duration: Between 30 and 40 minuts aprox each performance

Support of:  Logos re-mou-te (1)

More information here.


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