120 min.

There are no barriers in terms of crossing disciplines in the creations of nora chipaumire, a performer who is difficult to classify. She mixes voice, text, installations, audio visual projections … And with this diversity of languages, she presents, divided in two days of representation, a triptych inspired by its training years in the Zimbawe of the 70s, 80s and 90s. She reviews three musical styles, always with the body as protagonist and with three great figures in the background: those of Patti Smith, Grace Jones and the Congolese musician Rit Nzele. On Monday, July 8, at #PUNK (pronounced “Hash tag Punk”), and with the audience standing around artists as if it were a concert, she will explore, together  with the author of Horses, the rejection of this musical genre to the status quo and wonder if there really is a future or if the future is, simply, what we live today. Everything, in a Do It Yourself scenario is reshaped and taken apart over the evening… After a pause of half an hour, we will be able to see the second part of the trilogy. Grace Jones is the centre of a soliloquy starring a girl who discovers the music and the figure of this singer born in Jamaica. The idea of a cover is at the centre of 100% POP (“One hundred per cent pop”), the second part of an unclassifiable show.

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Artistic card

Concept and Choreography: nora chipaumire
Performers: Nora Chipaumire, Shamar Watt, David Gagliardi, Atiyyah Khan, Philip White
Sound Concept and Direction: nora chipaumire
Sound Research, Construction and Staging: nora chipaumire, Shamar Watt
Sound Design and Direction: Philip White
Technical Direction: Sean Seago
Text and Script: nora chipaumire
Set Design: Ari Marcopoulos, Kara Walker, Matt Jackson Studio
Light Design and Costume Concept: nora chipaumire

An iconoclastic and charismatic choreographer, author of some ferocious productions, she explores three scenes, those of punk, pop and African rumba, in a trilogy that is represented in two sessions and it will be seen in Europe for the first time.

#PUNK + 100% POP