Concert presentation of NACER BLANCO by BORJA FLAMES. A hypnotic, addictive and exciting experience, between the spoken-word, experimental music, art-pop and folklore without borders. In the line of pioneers like Moondog, Robert Wyatt and Terry Riley.

NACER BLANCO is the first solo of musician Borja Flames, Spanish living in Paris, after joining groups like the duo Belmonde. The result of this first act are twelve songs where radiant melodies are mixed, odd time signatures, structures and voices in canon, fervor and irreverence equally, complexity and immediacy, experimentation, pop music and primitive fascination with music (the field- recordings of traditional music from around the world) by its component trance, mystery, brutality and sensuality.

Chorus + synthesizer + radio + percussions: Marion Cousin

Keyboards + chorus: Marc Melià

Chorus + percussions + sounds: Renaud Cousin

Voice + electric guitar + sounds: Borja Flames

Duration: 55 minutes aprox

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