The electronic band Bradien and sound poet Eduard Escoffet return to the stage on the occasion of the publication of their new album, which will appear in February produced by Barcelona label spa.RK, that already published his first album (Pols, 2012) . The new album, produced by Stefan Schneider (a To Rococo Rot member and essential character of the German electronic scene), is named Escala and it continues the exploration of electronic and voice, this time with a more intense collaborative work between possibilities of electronic sounds, sound textures and malleability of the text. The album includes songs in Catalan, one in German and two very special collaborations: Lydia Lunch in English and Arnaldo Antunes in Portuguese.

The instrumental band Bradien and poet Eduard Escoffet have been collaborating since 2009. In late 2012 they edited the album Pols (in Catalan, it means both ‘dust’, ‘pulse’ and ‘poles’), with 10 subjects who experiment with possibilities of electronics and recited poetry and summarizing three years of previous work in this project. The result is a box full of musical and textual nuances that is taking shape gently and unpretentiously. In late 2014 they edited Polsim, an album with remixes of Meneo, Don The Tiger, Msecam (Vicent Fibla) i Xtrngr.


Bradien is an instrumental group formed in 2005 inspired both by pop and soundtracks, dub, exotic or library music. The group published Minoi Tiare (a CD with 9 songs), 7 shared with the Scottish group Dosimat, the album Linden (spa.RK, 2009) and a shared cassette FS with Blumm (Poprebop, 2010). They have done remixes, songs for exhibitions, and movies. They have collaborated with Bill Wells, Nora Goringer and John Giorno, among others. Bradien is currently formed by three musicians: Pope, Balbini and Matías Rossi. Bass, trumpet, melodica, xylophone and guitar are being passed from one to another to get to build some topics where everything is light and measured at once: on stage instruments are exchanged.

Eduard Escoffet

Poet and cultural agitator. He has practiced various aspects of poetry, but lately has focused on sound poetry recital work and live. Apart from a large movement in the countercultural scene of Barcelona, ​​he has presented his work in various cities in Spain and Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, EE. UU., Nicaragua, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, UK, Slovenia, Croatia and Mexico. He is co-author of the plays Wamba va! (2005), Gerard Altaió, Josep Pedrals and Martí Sales; yuck. / Eqs. (2005), with Gerard Altaió and Josep Pedrals, and La belbel underground (2006), with Carles Hac Mor and Gerard Altaió. In 2011 he published the artist’s book Estramps, created by four hands with the artist Evru, and in 2012, Gaire (Pagès editors). Between 2010 and 2012 he was co-director of the International Poetry Festival of Barcelona.



The online ticketing closes one hour before the performance starts.

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