A trunk, a universe, a movie set, a film: A mini-camera captures images in a fixed plane and projected on a screen. A sardine, a truck, a thread … Stretching and blow stuff fixed plan, tiny things with great plasticity. Pla Fix, Latung La La, poetic animation film, “cooked” with pictures and music.

David Ymbernon is a visual artist who works with different media. First displayed his work in public after four years. Owned by the orange color, he studied painting at the School of Arts and Crafts in Tarrega. He exhibits regularly in galleries, museums and other art spaces. It has carried out numerous actions and stage productions. It has been awarded at different times. Participates in international festivals and other artistic events in various disciplines.

David Ymbernon fixed premiere Pla Fix, Latung La La in the TNT Festival – New Trends 2015 Terrassa.

Concept+ Direction: David Ymbernon

Live music: Xavi Lloses

Duration: 50 minutes


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