Grec 2017 – Dance – 60′

An essential point of reference in today’s dance theatre fills the stage with the women who inhabited her previous shows, in a risky venture in which there is room for horror, but also for comedy.

If you saw B. Flowers, one of the artist’s most recent shows, you will surely remember that sick character wearing a filthy old wedding dress. It was Lili, who reappears in Marta Carrasco’s latest dance theatre offering, along with other women like Violeta (Aiguardent) or Claudel (from Blanc d’ombra). Lili is a perra (bitch), a condition that is not learned but inherent in her personality. And she is a perra de nadie (nobody’s bitch) because, as Carrasco says, only someone who “is nobody and belongs to nobody can plumb the depths of their inner self”. Shocking images and music with an outstanding role accompany scenes of horror and condemnation. But there is also room for comedy, for silences and even for those awkward moments with which the artist challenges her audience. In this way they become complicit in an introspective journey that intends to make us see that Lili, just like her ‘night-watchmen’, lives inside each one of us.

Perra de nadie is the latest show by an artist from Barcelona who began her career as a choreographer with Aiguardent in 1995, a show with which she won two Max Prizes. She is the author of pieces such as Blanc d’ombra, Mira’m (Grec 2000), Ga-gà, J’arrive…! and Dies Irae; en el rèquiem de Mozart (Grec 2010), which have made her one of the most respected names on the current dance theatre scene. She won the Catalan National Prize for Dance in 2005 and took part in the shooting of Carlos Saura’s film Iberia (2005).

Created and performed by: Marta Carrasco
Artistic collaboration (Vigilants de la nit): Dominique Falda
Direction and writing: Marta Carrasco, Pep Cors, Antoni Vilicic
Creation of the soundtrack: Marta Carrasco
Musical production: Joan Valldeperas
Musical direction: Marta Carrasco
Set design: Marta Carrasco
Choreography of the number ‘Burning up’: Albert Hurtado
Wardrobe: Pau Fernández i Cía. Marta Carrasco
Lighting design: Quico Gutiérrez
Video design: Jose Prados
Technical production: Antoni Vilicic
Audio-visual production: Jose Prados
Photography: David Ruano


A production by the Companyia Marta Carrasco.


The tickets will be on sale on the Grec website.