60 min.

Julia de Castro presents her first solo album in Barcelona. A bespoke electronic epilogue with which she will bid farewell to the mythical Sala Hiroshima.
The musicians Amit Kewalramani and Greta Rocchi together with the performer Jonathan Sánchez will accompany the artist in this concert where the album LA HISTORIADORA will be heard in its most electronic version.

Julia de Castro, known as the leader of the band DE LA PURÍSSIMA, has just released her first solo album: LA HISTORIADORA. A transitional album whose recording began in 2016 in Tucson (Arizona), continued in Rome and ended in Mexico City in 2019, always by the hand of producer CAMILO LARA (IMS).

The Historian is the title of her new album and refers not only to her Bachelor of Art History, but to the artist’s ability to musically narrate all relevant events. History, rather than written, says Julia, was sung to make a story, to remain in our memory. The album is a collection of ten songs that form a memorabilia of these four years of continuous displacement, an eclectic album where genres follow one another without prejudice. Julia navigates free without separating from her recognizable and visceral lyrics.

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Julia de Castro presents her first solo album in Barcelona.

Artistic card

Voice, director & composer: Julia de Castro
Set Live: Amit Kewalramani (Moombai Moon)
Electric guitar, acoustic guitar & bass guitar: Greta Rocchi
Performer: Jonathan Sánchez
Visuals: @astridgnosis

Julia de Castro
Julia de Castro
Julia de Castro