In 1979, after the defeat of a self-management experience to save their company, the workers of Numa, the electrical factory charge to Joaquim Jordà to make a film where reproduce their self-managed attempt. It is the famous documentary Numax presents…
In 2013 the cooperative Fagor, one of the pillars of Basque and European industry, closed leaving 1,800 workers on the street. Then, Roger Bernat  invited to the workers to rebuild assemblies of Numax to make a historical reconstruction of a battle like that of Waterloo or Ebro battle.

Roger Bernat develops a work that questions the responsibility of the individual, both in society and in art. After several shows, he creates a proposal that revives the collectivization of the means of production collectivize the speech.

Roger Bernat done unfinished studies of painting and architecture. Graduated in direction and dramaturgy at the Institut del Teatre, will give in 1996, the Extraordinary Prize. He founded and directed with Thomas Aragay General Electric. In 2008 he began creating performances in which the audience takes the stage and becomes the protagonist. “Audiences are going through a device that invites them to obey or conspiring and in any case, to pay with their own bodies and commit”. Some of the shows that are set up under this idea and have been presented in twenty countries are: Dominio Público (2008), Please continue (Hamlet) (2011), Pendiente de voto (2012)) or Desplazamiento del Palacio de la Moneda (2014) among others; some of these works have received awards from the Critics of Catalonia.

Concept: Roger Bernat, from the film Numax presents ... (1980) by Joaquim Jordà

Dramaturgy: Roberto Fratini

Historical research: Pablo González Morandi. With the help of  employees of the factory and old workers of Numax and Fagor.

Performer: Nuria Martinez-Vernis

Display device: Matteo Sisti

Vídeo: Ramiro Ledo Cordeiro

Sound: Cristobal Saavedra Road

Technical Direction: Txalo Toloza

Coordination: Helena Febrés Fraylich

Production assistance: Ricard Terés

Co-Production: Elèctrica Produccions with KunstenFestivalDesArts (Bruxelles) and Grec 2014 Festival de Barcelona. The old version of the performance was a co-production of  FRAC Basse Normandie (Caen) and Temporada Alta (Girona).

Support of: Ahots Kooperatibista, daily Mondraberri and Danilo Pioli

Duration: 90 min


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