Notion: Dance Fiction is a lecture-performance exploring the possibilities of muscle memory as a digital form for recording, playback and real-time mapping of movement-based technique. Inspired by the evolution of dance history in the last century, the performance attempt to install digital muscle memory implants from a selection of iconic dance movement vocabulary into a singular body as it learn, adapt and recreate within the multiplex of kinesics expression.

Choy Ka Fai an artist, performance maker and speculative designer. He is inspired by the histories and theorizations that together contain the uncertainties of the future. His research springs from a desire to understand the conditioning of the human body, its intangible memories and the forces shaping its expressions. These factors converge into complex articulations at the intersection of art, design and technology.

We discovered Ka Fai in Berlin’s Tanz in August. Although his work has been widely exhibited in both stage facilities and museums in Europe and Asia, this is his first appearance in Spain. Sonia Gómez, one of our favorite artists, with an important work in the area of performance, accompanies Ka Fai in this presentation.

Concept + Direction + Multimedia: Choy Ka Fai

Performance + Choreographies: Sonia Gómez
Light design / Technical direction: Andy Lim (stage ‘LIVE’)

Traslator: Tanya Beyeler

Duration: 50 minuts

The original project had the support of: STUK Art Center, Leuven, Belgium, Design Interaction – Royal College of Art, London, UK



The online ticketing closes one hour before the performance starts.

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