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Spanish / Catalan

30 min. WIP
+ 30 min. lecture

In residency at sala Hiroshima

ATRESBANDES represents a type of theater that we believe is very necessary; it’s a theater made from the actor, from his concerns, where the text arises from the encounter and improvisation and always as an expression of a common view on the world and contemporary society. We have collaborated with them on different occasions presenting their creations. This time we wanted to go one step further and open a window to their work. This is why we have organized this night of work in progress and a “dramatized conference” for all those who want to know more about this company and have an example of how a contemporary play is created.

«Quien nos habla, me da la impresión, es siempre el acontecimiento, lo insólito, lo extraordinario: en portada, grandes titulares. Los trenes sólo empiezan a existir cuando descarrilan y cuantos más muertos hay, más existen. Es necesario que tras cada acontecimiento haya un escándalo, una fisura, un peligro, como si la vida no debiera revelarse nada más que a través de lo espectacular, como si lo elocuente, lo significativo fuese siempre anormal: cataclismos naturales o calamidades históricas, conflictos sociales, escándalos políticos… La prensa diaria habla de todo menos del día a día. La prensa me aburre, no me enseña nada; lo que cuenta no me concierne, no me interroga y ya no responde a las preguntas que formulo o que querría formular. Lo que realmente ocurre, lo que vivimos, lo demás, todo lo demás, ¿dónde está? Lo que ocurre cada día y vuelve cada día, lo trivial, lo cotidiano, lo evidente, lo común, lo ordinario, lo infraordinario, el ruido de fondo, lo habitual, ¿cómo dar cuenta de ello, cómo interrogarlo, cómo describirlo? Interrogar a lo habitual.»

Fragment from the chapter ¿Acercamientos a qué? from the book Lo infraordinario
By Georges Perec, translated by Mercedes Cebrián

This is the first step of a new work that ATRESBANDES wants to develop during 2021. After three years of collaborations with different groups, our presentation in Hiroshima will be an attempt to put the focus back on the members of the company as performers and their ability to generate situations that are scenicaly attractive. For this proposal, the most important reference is the work of Georges Perec and the suspicion that this new work will not be an act of generosity towards others, but, rather, a performance that obeys the imperatives of some personal neurosis related to management of emotions; or what, in petit committee, within the company, we call the psychologist’s theater, which, in turn, and with this I am finishing, could be the subtitle of this future play.

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A new work by ATRESBANDES (Mònica Almirall, Miquel Segovia & Albert Pérez Hidalgo) for Sala Hiroshima.

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