NITS DE SANG – 45’ + 45’  Electronic Music / Dance

Nits de Sang is the name of a cycle offered by Sang Records in Sala Hiroshima this year. A cycle of electronic sounds with a staging that merges music, visual arts and dance. Sang Records is an independant label from Barcelona. Although our backbone is music, we want to celebrate and support artistic interdisciplinarity.


CICCONE is the solo project of Diego Delgado (Alppine). An electronic session where he shows some of his influences, ranging from shoegaze to post-rock through krautrock and techno. A visual and sound journey that for the occasion will count on the collaboration of Martin Gutiérrez (drums) and Alberto Bermejo (omnichord).
Electronic & visuals: Diego Delgado (España)
Drums: Martín Gutiérrez (España)
Omnichord: Alberto Bermejo (España/Catalunya)
Judit Jiménez




FERNANDO LAGRECA + MAIRAVVVVVVVVV. In the sound of FERNANDO LAGRECA we find glitches that activate memory springs, steamy and emotive enviroinments, miniature pop tunes and electronic rhythms more complex than they may seem at first listening. During 2016, he has ventured into fields that have led him to a universe more focused on dance music, and for this occasion, he will propose a different set, full of emotive ambient and sonorous landscapes. It will have the visuals of MAIRAVVVVVVVVV, multimedia creator, specialized in creation of visual contents, either with images captured from reality or computer generated, specially designed to be ʻpitchedʼ live together with interactive or audio reactive elements.
Audio-live: Fernando Lagreca (Uruguay)
Visuals: Maira Nogués (España/Catalunya)






LMACLM is an old sewing machine transformed into a stringed instrument, amplified and processed. Project developed by Gabriel Lecup in Brussels since 2012 to investigate natural scales and fair temperaments, is presented here accompanied by visuals by Boris Dulon a.k.a. VJ Ovideo OpenDesktop, a virtual painter working from the inside of a kaleidoscopic microscope. Together they create harmonic, mechanical and chromatic layers that overlap, interact, confuse, cut off cognition, numb the senses, slow down time: it does not begin, it does not end, it has not happened.
Audio-live: Gabriel Lecup (Francia)
Visuals: Boris Dulon (Argentina)
Judit Jiménez




HYPNAGOGIA is the project developed by Carles López and Carolina Cabrerizo, who started from the premise of “hypnagogic experience” (that moment of transit between wakefulness and sleep in which there are auditory, visual and tactile hallucinations) to generate a live sonorous and visual drift full of atmospheres and suggestive landscapes, broken sounds and hypnotic images that carry us to an extrasensorial state. Carles López, a musician, producer and DJ from Barcelona. He has developed his work in more than 40 countries and major festivals such as SONAR (NY), Sziget Festival (Budapest), Electronic Arts (Linz), Red Bull Academy (Oporto), MTV Awards ( Belfast)… Carolina Cabrerizo is a multidisciplinary artist, video creator and Bachelor of Philosophy. Her work is characterized by a high degree of sensitivity and her peculiar aesthetic sense in which the dreamlike and beautiful, but also the monstrous, the harrowing and the ugly prevail.
Audio-live: Carles López (España/Catalunya)
Visuals: Carolina Cabrerizo (España/Catalunya)





Pau Cabruja a.k.a. PAUK is an electronic musician from Barcelona, Spain. In love with knobs and buttons and an addict of controllers, his music is a combination of convoluted breaks and exciting melodies resulting in a perfect balance between technology and humanity. His work has been released in Discontinu Records (Barcelona), Enpeg (USA), Analog Industries (USA), Irreverent Music (Barcelona) among others. And now after the release of his first sample pack by Audiomodern (Greece) he is back with a new LP, Melancholic Anger (Discontinu Records). EYESBERG will be in charge of the visuals in a performance that represents an authentic audiovisual collaboration between this artistic group and Pauk. Eyesberg is formed by Martina Ampuero and José Valiña, video artists and designers of immersive and interactive installations. This artistic collective has combined the creation and production of works in various formats, in spaces with measures and characteristics that have allowed them, after studying techniques, software and other digital arts, to have an extensive and high quality work roster, always hand in hand with technological transformation.
Audio-live: Pauk
Visuals: Eyesberg
Judit Jiménez


BLANALI‘s path in music began at an early age, first as a self-taught bassist, while between home experiments he played with various recording techniques on tape. At this point his perspective on music was influenced by artists as diverse as Can, Gentle Giant, The Art Emsamble Of Chicago, Charles Mingus, John Cage, Sonic Youth and Stravinsky. In this wide-ranging sound panorama, his sound was formed, which over the years became more and more permeated by electronics, equally diverse artists such as Plastikman and Future Sound Of London made an impression on his musical understanding, and it was then that he decided to replace conventional instrumentation by sequencers and sound synthesis.
Audio-live: Blanali Cruz (Colombia)
Visuals: Andrés Carvajal


Noia is the solo project of Gisela Fullà Silvestre, producer, Sound engineer and composer born in Barcelona. In 2011 he finished her studies at Berklee and moved to New York, where she currently resides trying to balance her artistic and professional career. The musical and cultural influences of NOIA are innumerable. Everything from Dancehall to tropical music or the textures of the new waves of r & b are present in her work sharing space with the cultural literature and theory of Cavafy, Olaf Stapledon and Byung Chul that intersect in her lyrics sung in a mixture of Spanish and English. Albert Zaragoza is a multidisciplinary artist from Alicante. His most well known profile is that of Lenticular Clouds, with performances at Sónar among other venues and festivals. In the field of visual and graphic art he has participated in various exhibitions such as: DADAonline (Zurich, 2017), TheWrong bienal (online Biennial of multimedia art, 2014) and netart projects like ‘cloaque .org’ or ‘VOIDS’. Albert Zaragoza is an artist who moves around digital art, 3D art, netart, as well as to musical production.
Audio-live: Gisela Fullà Silvestre
Visuals: Albert Zaragoza Gas
Dancer: Judit Jiménez

Olde Gods is the project formed by Pau Guillamet (Guillamino or Braqueberry according to the occasion) and Jami Bassols (ex-Aster and also in Hivern Discs with his alias JMII). They have released a trilogy of EPs on their label Minor Planets, Tempel 7 “, Shigatsu Kokonoka 10” and Haru Matsuri 12 “. They have remixed Taragana Pyjarama, Danish artist who publishes in True Panther Records and digitally published an edit of Julio Iglesias and a pair of dj mixes, one for Playground Studio Brussel (Belgian national radio) and another mix for the Sónar festival. Live, they have played in several of the festivals in Spain, LowFest, BBKLive, SOS48, Villamanuela, Sonar, BIME, MonkeyWeek, Deleste as well as in Belgium (RedbullMusikElektropedia) and Holland (Eurosonic). After publishing 2 songs released last summer of 2016 and in January 2017, they prepare a new EP for the Dutch label Atomnation, home of Sau Poler, Applescal and Olfa Stuut among others. The inspiration for Vj Ayl comes from a Cosmocomic story, ʻSenze Colori,ʼ written by Italo Calvino, which describes how the world was before the existence of colour. It tells the story of how the character Ayl brings ʻvaricoloured sumptuousnessʼ to an otherwise grey world. Ayl was born out of deep love for both music and visual art forms and experiments with live drawing to explore the relationship between image and sound.
Synths & voice: Pau Guillamet (España/Catalunya)
Beats: Jami Bassols (España/Catalunya)
Visuales: Vj Ayl

Olde Gods Radio 3




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