Production of residence / a work in progress presented.

New Haven (this is just the provisional title) is a collaboration project between the artists / choreographers Dany Desjardins and Andréane Leclerc. The creation is a hybrid of contemporary dance and contortion. The investigation for the play-writing is based on a representation of bodies pulled by the forces of nature, associated to an aesthetic kitsch concept and its philosophy. The work developed by the Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum has been the origin of the process. We aim to propose a speech on what is often perceived as unhealthy or alarming and make a grotesque and ironic approach to it: a vision of Death not as something finite nor a body annihilation, but as a process of physical transfiguration.

Dany Desjardins began his artistic approach at a very young age, firstly on drawing and theatre. After his studies in visual arts in Alma, he completed a dance program in Drummondville and continued his studies in LADMMI in Montreal. Since March 2007, Dany has worked for the company Marie Chouinard, PPS Danse, Dave St-Pierre Inc., Scram, KparK, maribe – sors of ce corps, and he has also worked with the choreographers Catalina Gaudet, George Stamos, Emmanuel Jouthe, Pressault David and Kathy Ward.

He composed Shitoi & Dordur for Danses Buissonnières 2007_les classes. The piece was presented to TRANSATLANTIQUE Festival and made Desjardins get a scholarship for Cirque du Soleil in 2008. After that, Desjardins presented his second piece: All villains have a broken heart, as part of Danse Buissonnière’s 2008_les gradués, which was a part of the OFF.TA’s program in 2009. Being in CALQ, Dany received a subsidy for a residence in Berlin, where he created the solo On air, presented at Tangent, Piss in the pool and the TRANSATLANTIQUE festival. Later, he presentedPOW WOW, at the Lachapelle theatre in October 2011. He also collaborated with the dance company La Tortue Noire, and created Daidalos in 2012. Two years later, in December 2014, he presented Winnin’, with support of the CCA.

Andréane Leclerc: Founder and art director of the performing arts company Nadère. Andréane graduated at the National School of Circus in 2001. Centred on sensation instead of sensationalism, she shows a particular interest in scene performing, dramaturgy and searching for a “circus body”. Conceiving the contortion as a corporal technique capable of generating a world of sensations and mental imaginaries, she creates experimental circus pieces as well as conceptual performances – Di(x)parue,CherepakaInsuccubeMange – moi, Bath HouseCorps sculptural and La Putain de Babylone. She continues being a performer to choreographers and producers such as Dave St-Pierre, Angela Konrad and Peter James. She also joined the show “The Tiger Lillies perform Hamlet” playing Ophelia, at the Théâtre Republique. In 2013, she completed a Theatrical Dramaturgy master’s at the theatre department of the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), directed by Marie Christine Lesage.


Photo credits to Patrick Simard