From [Hacer historia(s)]. Cicle of retro_performances:

Mix-en-scene is a project that aims to develop an acoustic, visual and choreographic experience for the audience, where the performer-dancer-dj, plays live as well as activates choreographic scores. The scene itself is accompanied by visual pieces generated in real time. It is about building an acoustic and visual session that reproduces mixes and remakes historical and iconic samples of dance, music and visuals. The proposal makes a journey that experiments with the chronology and the superposition of artistic styles and principles, using postproduction strategies and the dj spirit of appropriation, manipulation and remixing of materials.

Amaranta Velarde is graduated in CODARTS  from the University of Dance in Rotterdam (2004), with the support of the Cajastur 2002 grant and scholarship as a dancer with the contemporary dance company Danceworks (2003-2004). Since then he works intensively in the Netherlands as a performer, collaborator and assistant choreographer Bruno Listopad in numerous stage productions, research and facilities in museums and galleries and various international festivals. In 2010 creates his first single, Eclipse, presented in Amsterdam and Groningen, and is a fellow member as danceWEB Impulstanz International Festival in Vienna. In 2011 she moved to Barcelona, ​​where she began to develop the only natural thing with the support of La Poderosa or L’Estruch. As a performer in Barcelona to participate in parts of Cecilia Vallejos, El Conde de Torrefiel and Pere Faura. Keep working between the Netherlands and Spain in various multidisciplinary projects and since 2013 is part of the group of the Mighty Artas in April 2014 and presents her latest choreographic work towards an aesthetic of goodwill irregular section curated by El Mercat de les Flors.

Cicle [Hacer Historia(s)] a project of:
La Poderosa with Antic Teatre & Hiroshima


logo_pode_big                antic-teatre-adriantic

Concept + performance: Amaranta Velarde

Visual and light design: Alba Corral

Duration: 45 minutes (aprox)

Support of: La Poderosa, Laboral centro de Arte y creación Industrial (Gijón), konvent.0 y El Graner, centre de creació.


Vídeo by Sergio Redruello


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