Hiroshima organizes three free masterclasses for all those who want to learn to SEE DANCE.

In Hiroshima we launched a new training project this year. It is free, and is intended for all our spectators. It is a small school that wants to offer you the opportunity to deepen in the keys of the contemporary scene.

There will be three sessions of two hours and you will be able to attend one, two or three! All you have to do is send us an email to and sign up for the sessions you are most interested in.

Brief introduction to the history of the avant-gardes of the 20th and 21st centuries

TANYA BEYELER, co-founder of the well-known company El Conde de Torrefiel.

In this session we will try to understand the legacy and the influence that the avant-gardes of the XX century have on the contemporary scene.

Tuesday, 29th of January, from 19h to 21h

Movement´s dramaturgy and contemporary dance

VICTORIA SZPUNBERG, a well-known dramaturg and honored teacher at the Institute of Theatre and at the Catalonia College of Music

How the dramaturgy of a piece is constructed when text is not a part of the rest of the scenography´s signs? In this session we will try to understand the methodologies that a dramatist uses when movement is a central element of the piece: what are the starting points, the way of framing and defining the logical framework and conceptualizing super hypothesis

Tuesday, 5th of February, from 19h to 21h

Significance and staging in the contemporary dance

GABRIELA CARRIZO, a co-founder of a well-known company Peeping Tom

The organization and codification of the scenography´s group of signs will define the representation and the way in which we perceive and interpret them. It is about understanding how these signs operate and what is their relationship with the dramaturgy and the content of the piece.

Tuesday, 12th of February, from 19h to 21h



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