From [Hacer historia(s)]. Cicle of retro_perfomances:

We have a good amulet: the brain. And our brain don’t close a mind.
Our brain has a mint “MINT IN IURMAIN”
Mint in Iurmain is a fresh radiography, a long walk through the incomparable landscapes of brain lakes of their main characters.
A complex story of two people, it seems a fake, keep hope.
Two bodies falling from the sky and quickly join the frantic pace of do something, whatever, but do something.

Rafael Ponce

Mint in Iurmain is a revival of a 2006 piece, directed by Rafael Ponce with a long career as playwright, director and writer from Madrid.

This piece belong to Hacer historia(s). Cicle ofretro_performance organized by la Poderosa in collaboration with Antic Teatre and Hiroshima.
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Author & director: Rafael Ponce

Cast: Mònica Muntaner & Kike Salgado

Lighting design: Ana Rovira

Stage design: Rafael Ponce

Músic: Divers

Duration: 60 minutes



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