13 sessions of 6h

This will be the fifth atelier taught by Moreno Bernardi in the venue and, for this occasion, Hiroshima and Lo Spazio come together proposing a new formula: an internal laboratory to the MBA conceived for dramaturgists: the CD-A1. This is how these two processes of theorization and creation are planned this year.


Moreno Bernadi Atelier #5. Like the previous MBAs, the MBA5 is aimed to actors, dancers, movement artists, musicians, singers and any other artist or student from other disciplines interested in the artistic process and movement composition. The differences between the participants are a fundamental value in the Atelier by Moreno. Each participant will receive instructions and a work structure according to their discipline and interests.

The theme proposed by Hiroshima is the concept of a HOME as an epic destiny. Each year the theme is different and works as a trigger for Moreno Bernardi, who collects textual, musical, poetic and all kinds of materials, and shares them with the participants like a toolbox full of references for those attending the atelier. This toolbox makes each workshop unique and allows the participants to repeat the experience each year.

The atelier’s challenge is to carry out a creative process and, on the last day (August 3th) an open presentation of the process is offered to the audience.


Cuadernos Dramatúrgicos o Compact-Disc, Atelier #1. The CD-A1 is aimed to dramaturgists, writers, poets, lyricists and any other artist or student of other disciplines interested in the process prior to creation, dramaturgy and writing.

Moreno Bernardi proposes a laboratory for the study, analysis and composition prior to a creation, together with the MBA participants. Theoretical and practical sessions will focus on the observation and destructuration of the ‘dramaturgical notebooks’ that Moreno previously prepared. The ‘notebooks’ are made up from lyrics/verses of 4 musicians/composers, and it proposes a list of lyrics and songs and links with interviews or essays by the selected authors in order to stimulate the process of a contemporary stage writing.

The CD-A1 ends on July 28th. From this date on, interested participants can attend the process of the creation of the MBA5.

For more information:

After deadline of applications, the workbooks will be sent to the participants for reading prior to the first meeting with Moreno. The days of participation in the atelier are not negotiable. The registration implies a commitment to participate in all sessions according to the established schedule. In case of needing a day off, you should notify it to at the moment of registration. All participants accept the use of their image: photography and videos that will be made throughout the process for archiving and communication purposes.

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Practical information

MBA5: 300€
CD-A1: 150€

From July 22nd to August 3th, 2019.

August 3th, 2019 at 20:30h.

From July 22nd to 28th, 2019 (from July 23th on, the participants of the CD-A1 can attend the creation process of the MBA5).

Sala Hiroshima (C/ Vila i Vilà 65, 08004 Barcelona) and Lo Spazio (C/ Balmes 171, 08006 Barcelona).

22, 11h to 17h, Lo Spazio: MBA5+CD-A1
23, 11h to 17h, Lo Spazio: MBA5+CD-A1
24, 9h to 15h, Lo Spazio: MBA5+CD-A1
25, 9h to 15h, Hiroshima: MBA5+CD-A1
26, 9h to 15h, Hiroshima: MBA5+CD-A1
27, 11h to 17h, Lo Spazio: MBA5+CD-A1
28, 11h to 17h, Lo Spazio: MBA5+CD-A1
29, 9h to 15h, Hiroshima: MBA5
30, 9h to 15h, Hiroshima: MBA5
31, 9h to 15h, Hiroshima: MBA5
01, 9h to 15h, Hiroshima: MBA5
02, 9h to 15h, Hiroshima: MBA5
03, 15:30h to 21:30h, Hiroshima: MBA5
03, 20:30h, premiere MBA5, Hiroshima

In this edition, the theme proposed by Hiroshima is HOME.