Contemporary Scene



50 min.

A creation by Moreno Bernardi for the fifth edition of the MBA after 13 days of workshop-creation. In each MBA, the artistic director of Sala Hiroshima proposes a topic or leit motive from which Moreno Bernardi prepares the “notes” for the MBA: the “dramaturgical notebooks”. In the previous editions the main themes have been: the identity, the beast, the hero and the nostalgia. For the MBA5 the trigger is the HOME as an epic destiny: an ideal that refers to a determined place. That place to which the hero hopes to return, but also the one that the adventurer rejects and the one that can be dreamed of.

Each new piece of the MBA is formulated as the process progresses. Therefore, all the information related to the new creation will be defined throughout the MBA.

«It is from continuous practice and calm; from the attention to what happens and the rigor of keep alive a gesture, a word, an action, a sound; and from the desire of what is unpredictable, that we can experience a space that becomes action and coexistence under the protective thread of poetry.» Moreno Bernardi

Lo SpazioThe Nando and Elsa Peretti FoundationMoreno Ensemble Project

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Cast & Crew

Direction & dramaturgy: Moreno Bernardi

Moreno composes the new piece based on the lyrics and poetics of Leonard Cohen, Marianne Faithfull, Gosthpoet and Soap & Skin.