This will be a workshop taught by Moreno Bernardi in Hiroshima. The reason or topic proposed by the artistic direction is still to be defined. In every workshop is proposed a figure to the teacher. So that, in 2015 it was The Identity, in 2016 The Beast, in 2017 The Hero. This indication works like a trigger for the teacher, that compiles textual, poetic, musical and all types materials, that shares with the participants with a toolbox or referents that can be inspired by the work days. This make every workshop unique, in terms of the explorations, the tools and materials used and allows the participants to repeat the experience.

After the formation of the working group, Moreno will study an ad hoc methodology, structuring the tools of the process and the research material according to the profiles of the students (The differences between the participants is the characteristic of the MBA). Once the line of work has been determined, Sala Hiroshima team will communicate to the participants the lines to follow when choosing the material necessary to start the laboratory and each one of them will receive the work ‘notebooks’.

Duration: From the 28th of August to the 9th of September of 2018, all the days, from 10h to 16h (except the presentation day of the new creation, day 9, that will be developed in the afternoon).
Presentation of the results: 09/09/2018 – 20:30h
Price: 300€ / Price for the memberships: 240€



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