Exhibition of the 4th workshop of Moreno Bernardi in Sala Hiroshima. After 13 session of intensive workshop with the different participants, it will take place the presentation of the work.

For the multifaceted and artistic personality of Moreno Bernardi and his active and constant interest for the composition and the analysis of the formal material, like the development of the interpretative abilities and typical of theatrical work, his lab has always been characterized by a free collaboration with interested in the experience and methodology of Moreno, the participants have been able to live with cartoonists, musicians, writers… convivir con dibujantes, músicos, escritores …than from simple assistants to the experience they quickly turned into another form of intervention, opening the doors to dialogue between the arts, disciplines, interests, and living organically in time and space with a common research, differentiated by the specificity of each knowledge with respect for the logic of assumption of matter and the perception of what the laboratory allows to discover.


Choreography: Moreno Bernardi


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