Start the first edition of the new cycle presented in Hiroshima, curated by LiveSoundTracks: LST “Poetry In the Darkness” will be held from January to May 2016, the third Tuesday of each month and consists of five international artists will present performances  according to LiveSoundtracks philosophy, aesthetics of cinema rediscovers the paradigm of electronic music.

LST – Poetry in the Darkness 2016 presents a varied gender and creative in the field of audio-visual post practice run. The sound search moves, as usual in this world, in research on aspects, influences and divergent biographies: from industrial techno experimentation between various musical genres ranging from North African rhythms with hints of jazz and funk to Post-poetry sound; robustness – inspired AGF through the very shaky present Beani project that targets young and fresh-tours such as Kerridge-Abdelwahed-Kyoka.

The musicians have been asked to deal with images that from the first moment an open dialogue is sought; the material is not only film and neither is the canonical product video art. The narrative is present, varied visual aesthetics, the criterion is the foresight of a contemporary documentary Cocteau and Eastern graph tells stories. The goal is to find a third way that today represents the dimension of the musicians as multidisciplinary actors and intermediaries in the art of the second decade of the 2000s.

LST#1 : Samuel Kerridge (UK – Contort) featuring Taylor Burchoncept 

This first edition of the cycle starts from the hand of one of the latest promises of the British dark techno scene: Samuel Kerridge.

Kerridge show promises an A / V large format, with great passion, which amplifies the power of a new industrial aesthetics carried to extremes.

Duration: 60 minuts aprox

More information LST: LiveSoundracks

In addition, the cycle LST Poetry in the Darkness is complemented by the workshop: ‘Soundtracks: trends and new ways of working’, directed by Jesus Diaz of Making Music in Silence, formed by four masterclass which LST holds research and training in the field of soundtracks for film.

More information of workshop:

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