LLAC is a souped-up mirror, which shuns the look, a virtual world where the avatar is exposed, controlled under constant observation; the figure is artificial feeds on human expectations, failure, melancholy than not lived in earthly reality.

LLAC is a false landscape, abstract scenery around a character and his projection of himself. The protagonist navigates within the limits of sound fiction. Continuous confrontation and confusion between the acoustic speech on the one hand and mail on the other, while the queen movement precise language apparently linear, minimalist and content. The choreography and music seem to obey any state or emotional tone, the story and the climax does not exist. Only some romantic and ultimately, human, longing disturb the character that lives on stage.

The Ensemble Topogràfic group is a combo of movement and live sound, which has already been presented in various stages of the music scene. This time venture into a more scenic and choreographic universe. If in the first two pieces, Sediment and Fog, Ensemble Topographical spoke of the boundaries between what we feel like home and the unknown world, the duality of the origins in nature and our life now loose in the urban density in LLAC investigating thresholds more internal. They are hidden, intimate, dark places, which lead us to produce new landscapes in which to develop our “alter ego” virtual.

Creation: Andreu Garcia, Anna Hierro, Carlos Martorell
Movement: Anna Hierro
Sound: Andreu Garcia, Carlos Martorell

With the collaboration of CC Barceloneta.



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NOTE : The online sale ends at 00:00 on the day of each presentation. From then on you can purchase your tickets at the box office one hour before  the show starts.