Referencing the film La Planete Sàuvage, the musician Jaime L. Pantaleón lead children to discover the wonderful world of soundtracks.

Throughout the game, the workshop participants will be able to work together in the selection of the best sounds and atmospheres for the film. A young composers available will have different analog machines such as synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines, audio generators, loopers and effects.

A psychedelic and fun afternoon discovering the world of electronics and romantic without computers.

LiveSoundtracks  is a project that has as a starting point  cinema and  live music and manifests itself in the form of events, lectures and festival.

The career of Jaime L. Pantaleon is extensive and multifaceted. Over two decades, his curiosity led him to join groups like 12twelve, Cuzo, athlete, Bélmez, Lords of Bukkake, Too Dark Star of David and exploring different genres and styles.

Jaime has worked with LiveSoundtracks reinterpreting the soundtrack of ‘The Night of the Living Dead’ by George A. Romero and putting live music as well as a series of short films made during the masterclass ‘Filming in Barcelona Abbas Kiarostami’.

Duration: 90 minutes

Limited to 15 children over 6 years.


€ 5 for each attendee.

Booking: (noting the number of adults and children).

(Once the booking is confirmed by email, the amount will be paid at the box office).