Líbera is a band born in 2012, from the hand of the composer and bass player Giulia Valle. This group, whose embryo is the avant-garde trio consisting of guitar, bass and drums, has developed into a byte. The music reflects the eclecticism and the unique voice of its author: rhythmic intensity, sounds sailing from trance to the Balkan folklore, while lyricism and dynamic unpredictable and captivating. Libera is a constantly evolving band formed by musicians with extensive experience and recognition in the scene of jazz and pop / rock and his first album have the same name: Líbera. Probably the most risky project of Giulia Valle.

Giulia Valle, bassist and composer is considered as one of the most singular voices of nowadays, her wide range of collaborations includes important artists as Carles Benavent, Miguel Poveda, John McNeil, Martirio, Jason Lindner, Michael Kanan , Perico Sambeat Chris Kase, Antonio Canales, David Megual, Mayte Martín, Guillermo Klein, Bill Mc Henry, Gorka Benitez … As composer and band leader, has been awarded several times in front of Giulia Valle Group.

Support of:


Contrabass + composition: Giulia Valle

Trumpet + efects: David Pastor

Transverse flute + Alto flute: Pablo Selnik

Voice + bass clarinet: Carola Ortiz

Accordion: Edurne Arizu

Guitars + pedal Steel guitar: David Soler

Drums: Oriol Roca + Aleix Tobías

Duration: 50 minuts (aprox)


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