Atlas is a critical review of the body and the image memory as subjects. Atlas is a machine to wangle a shared biography. A dialogue circle that links living bodies and body image, where all ages of the bodies, and all ages are present image. It is an immersion (documentary body) to bring the last moments in his re-evocation are always different, moving past moving in each performance. How can now run our body at the service of our history, our biography, serving ourselves?

La Coja Dansa was born in the Faculty of Arts of Altea in 2000 and professionalized in 2004 with parts Failure nº6 and J’aime beaucoup le fromage. Installed in Valencia, have nothing to do in 2005, much to lose in 2006, everything to do in 2007, Company Foreword Retrats Trembling and Habitats in 2008, n.7 Failure, Failure and Failure n.8 n.9 (Best Dance show in the Premis April 2010) in 2009, No None missing (nominated for Best Dance show in Premis Arts Escèniques of the Generalitat Valenciana) in 2010 and Accidia and aMAGATALL in 2011, the dog’s death in 2012, Lladruc in 2013 and Burning and Chillar and qualsevol in 2014.

They have been selected in competitions such as the Masdanza (Canary Islands), the Burgos-New York, the Dansalt (Salt, Girona) or Choreography Competition Sevilla but have not won any, and have been present at festivals such as L’Obert Dansa (Valencia ), the Mostra Fish Curtes, the Marató de l’Espectacle or Dansalona of Barcelona, the Festival Dansa Elche (Alicante), the Tensdansa of Terrassa, the bad weather Festival, the Dansa Valencia, the EllosBailanSolos of Madrid, the ALT ‘ 09 Vigo, the peripheries of Huesca, the International Theatre Festival of Vitoria-Gasteiz, the Quinzena de Dança de Almada (Portugal), the Forum for Independent Theatre Groups in Alexandria (Egypt), Les Repérages of Lille (France), Tanec Praha (Czech Republic), InShadows (Portugal) or Youmeni Tager (Morocco). They have participated in international choreographic meetings in Rio de Janeiro (2012) and Munich (2013).

Outlandish by obligation, not by vocation, and interested in finding new playwrights for dance and the use of audiovisual and choreographic element, the La Coja intend to continue its journey through marshland and roads.

Direction: Tatiana Clavel
Assistant: Santi de la Fuente
Performed and choreographed by: Olga Clavel
Music: Le Mute (Uri Canalías)
Lights: Hipólito Patón y Diego Sánchez
Technical direction and scenic space: Raúl León
Video documentary and t-shirt: Proyecto Croatan (Pedro Paz Porto)
Production: Raquel Vidal



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