There is nothing improbable that life and here we are. Everything is possible in the alphabet of improbabilities. Band doomsday, propagators of the RE-EVOLUTION, we provide a disconnect with the world as we know it. We hope our infra-verse awakens optimism desperate your species. Your soul naked and shoot the chaos.

“…  it is a performance of philosophical ambition that dares to tackle big questions without fear.
It is indeed a galactic show willing to transcend reality in order to reach it from the other side: three beings from another world want to communicate a truth about the improbability that belies the Mathematics”.

La Vanguardia, Eduard Molner, November 25th, 2015

David Climent and Pablo Molinero, who belong to the same generation (that of ’77) and hail from the same province (Castellón, Spain), met for the first time in 1994 at the Aula de Teatro of the Universidad Jaume I of their native city. In 2003, having based themselves in Barcelona, they decide to flock with Pilar Lopez, and begin presenting ‘Crónica de José Agarrotado’, their first joint piece of work, to an unsuspecting public, earning the Award Applause Sebastià Gasch. Their theatrical language isn’t based on words, but rather on the inter-relation of text and physicality, and aims at finding a new narrative, one with which to arrive at extra-ordinary worlds, far removed from the simple portrait of reality. In 2011 their work “El mal menor” [The lesser evil] was awarded the prize for best theatrical production by the Unnim de Teatro, whereas “El cielo de los tristes” [Heaven of the miserable] won the best show at the 3rd CENIT – Certamen de nuevos investigadores teatrales. In 2013, the year of their tenth anniversary, they received the FAD Sebastian Gasch Prize for “El cielo de los tristes” [Heaven of the miserable]

Direction: loscorderos·sc
Creation, interpretation:
David Climent, Pablo Molinero, Pia Nielsen
Musical Direction:
Pia Nielsen [Miss Q]
Ligthing and set design:
Sound Technician:
El Mo
la madre del cordero
Executive Producer:
Pilar López

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Support of: logo animal   celrà

Special thanks to: Pep Ramis, María Muñoz, Roberto Romei, Leo Castro, Ernesto Collado, Tomás Aragay & Sofía Asensio [Societat Doctor Alonso], Xavi Bobés [Playground], Neus Villà, Blanali, Carolina Cabrerizo, Raquel Hernández, Juan Nuez, Lucía Nuez.

Duration: 70 minutes



The online ticketing closes one hour before the performance starts.

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