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60 min.

Miquel Barcelona surprises us with this wonderful group piece that takes a poetic look at death, using the figures of the crow and the corpse as aesthetic references. The piece is inspired by various popular celebrations, folkloric songs and burial rites. The composition cleverly integrates these materials and creates a common voice out of the dance of five fabulous performers that, sometimes in mourning and sometimes in celebration, propel the sense of collective feeling forward, all the while confronting the mystery. In [Kórps], individuals are not highlighted (although each performer has brilliant moments), but rather the group is underscored as a synthesis of society. The choreography consists of the study of how to move bodies through space with the same impulse and in the same direction. The mise en scène is sober, elegant and fair. The scenes evolve organically while the choreography incites possible narratives about the sacred.

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The choreography incites possible narratives about the sacred.

Artistic card

Direction, research, concept: Miquel Barcelona
Executive production and artistic advise: Haizea Arrizabalaga
Technical production: Contracorrent
Coreographic composition: Miquel Barcelona and performers
Musical composition: Carlos Martorell
Dramaturgical advice: Núria Guiu
Voice assistant: Mar Bravo and Mariona Castillo
Voice arrangements: Oriol Mula and Nacho Melús
Recorded voices: Anna Ferrer and Marc Vilajuana
Performers: Miquel Barcelona, Helena Gispert, Martí Güell, Junyi Sun and Marc Vilajuana
Light design: Jordi Berch
Sound design: Carles Bernal
Costumes design: Mariona Sala
Graphic design: Àurea Estellé
Video: Ignasi Castañé
Photography: Nora Baylach
Thanks to: Eloi López, Mariona Marta, Clara Bes, Montse Colomé, Toni Gutiérrez, Nacho Cárcaba, Mariona Berenguer, La Caldera and nunArt
Coproducers: Ajut a la Creació Fira Tàrrega 2019, SAT! Teatre, El Graner, Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera and OSIC