Hammering on the walls for someone listen us. With a heavy hammer. On the streets things are getting so ugly and here … too. This is a cabaret, a strange cabaret. And music. Music to make noise and break your brain. Violence is a parenthesis between two dialogues. Daily life has become a fiction, I can only say what I really think from the stage, but who cares … nobody is going to believe me.  The stage is the reality, day by day is a pantomime. Violence as the only way to wake the world understands. Without metaphors. Simply. With a love song sometimes.

Agnés Mateus, she studied journalism and theatre simultaneously until she entered the world of performance, some years ago now, alongside Txiqui Berraondo and Manuel Lillo in Barcelona. The first few years she trained in drama and dance. But there is one particular date that defines her career: 2006, when the Colectivo General Eléctrica was created. She was part of the creative nucleus of General Eléctrica until its dissolution eight years later. Performer and multidisciplinary artist, she has worked with Juan Navarro, Roger Bernat, Rodrigo García and Simona Levi, and continues to collaborate with them on various projects.

With the artist Quim Tarrida, I take on for first time to the process of creating a piece. Create as invention, as a tool of thought, a place where talk from any world in which I feel comfortable. Use me and use public space, that is the stage to talk about emotions and feelings to the people before us.

Agnés Mateus

Creation + director + performance: Agnés Mateus
Assistant director and creation:
Quim Tarrida
Head coach:
Míriam Ubanet

Technical support: Míriam Ubanet

Support of: Ferdy Esparza, Raul de Alba, Jonatan Vidal and Ismael Mengual.

Music: Difícil Equilibrio, Herp Albert, Burt Bacharach, Oleg Kostrow, Quim Tarrida

Image and audiovisuals: Quim Tarrida

Costumes: Nieves Casquete i Agnés M.
Thanks to:
Difícil Equilibrio, Ismael Mengual, Joan Coll, Media Flow, Larry, Joaquim Gil, Judit Saula,Finques Gual, Centre Civic El Sortidor, Ateneu Cooperatiu La Base

Duration: 90 minutes

This performance is a coproduction of Antic Teatre and Festival Escena Poblenou.

With support of GREC 2014.



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