Hiroshima by Txemy # 2 is the second part of the mural that the urban artist Txemy made for one of the exterior doors in Hiroshima last September, Hiroshima by Txemy: La primera danza

Now, the story continues at the other  entry of the place. In this case to hint and give more weight to the story of woman wrapped by an eagle and spins, creating the first movement of contemporary dance; at the other input other characters came on the scene, in this case male accompanying and give more reason to the protagonist.

In the works of Txemy the meaning of the figure appears when you have an overview of the context. That is why the mural art in outdoor spaces is particularly felt in his work. Inspired by artists like Van Gogh and Jackson Polock, this particular impressionist graffiti, makes the ordinary extraordinary by the Fauvist use of color. In recent years Txemy’s work has been seen in galleries and festivals in London, New York, Lisbon, Canary Islands and Barcelona, among others.

To see the work in progress of La primera danza, here


Free entrance (Hiroshima outdoors)