The Grec Festival of Barcelona brings you this piece, award-winner of the Dance Prize from the Theatrical Institute, with the aim of helping to introduce some of the city’s new dance creators.

A small crack in a piece of porcelain may seem like only a minimal imperfection, nevertheless, it has the potential to cause the whole piece to explode and destroy it completely … This idea used by the company, led by artists Jesús Benzal and Ole Kristian Tangen, both graduates of IT Dansa, has been used to build this choreographic project that has won the Theatre Institute’s Dance Award.

Fragility as a concept will be the starting point that puts each performer in an uncertain space, leading them on different paths that drive them towards themselves, towards their own consciences, towards their own meaning. They find themselves in a sense of balance before falling into emptiness, in a sense of possessing something and immediately being able to lose it. Everything is ephemeral because everything can explode from one moment to another. The visual game established by the creators between movement and shadows that take up a large part of the stage characterize this show, along with the delicacy in the performance of the six artists who perform to the original music by Pablo Carrascosa Llopis. The surface they dance on is covered with bubble-wrap which pops as they step on it.

Handle with care is a creation from the artistic duo set up in 2015 and who have staged choreographies such as Festen (En venta), shown for the first time at Dansens Hus, Oslo – National Theatre of Contemporary Dance in Norway or Carretería, seen at the mini-festival Maldà enDansa from El Maldà. Tangen|Benzal is especially interested in human emotions and tries to get the viewers themselves involved in dramaturgy, therefore creating a combination of emotion and movement which is one of the company’s signs of identity.

A co-production of the Grec 2018 Festival of Barcelona, the Theatre Institute and the Theatre-Auditorium of Sant Cugat.

In the 2017 edition, the choreography Handle with care won the Prize for best Dance from the l’Institut del Teatre de la Diputació de Barcelona.

Director: Jesús Benzal, Ole Kristian Tangen
Choreography: Tangen|Benzal
Interpretation: Marina Fullana, Laura Lliteras, Lara Misó, Ole Kristian Tangen, Will Thompson and Adrián Vega
Music: Pablo Carrascosa Llopis
Lighting: Irene Ferrer Panicot
Scenography: Stage set workshop at the Teatre-Auditori of Sant Cugat
Wardrobe: Maria Josep Covas
Photography: Anna Fàbrega
Production: Lavinia Hervás


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